The Graduating Class of 2021

The Graduating Class of 2021 Main Image

It is always a pleasure and a privilege as the local Member of Parliament for the Kwinana area to be invited to attend school graduations. And this year was no different. 

Finishing primary school and embarking on the exciting challenge of secondary school education marks the commencement of a journey into adulthood. With new friendships, experiences, challenges and responsibilities, highschool is a unique and wonderful time in the lives of our future leaders. 

As the local MP, my participation in graduation ceremonies involves presenting awards to students who have excelled in various areas, as well as getting the chance to talk to Mum's, Dad's, carers, and teachers about their feelings on the past schooling year. And this year there was a distinct theme. Relief. So much effort, hard work, and sacrifice, as well as enjoyment, goes into supporting our kids. And the last two years have presented a challenge like no other in terms of education. 

Once again, I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate everyone involved in the graduating classes of 2021. A truly remarkable achievement that everyone should be extremely proud of. Including our kids!