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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Ron and Merv from the Royal Association of Justices of the Peace WA in my electorate office. 


I have known and have a great working relationship with Ron, as the VP of the JP Association WA, for a very long time. It is through this relationship that I have come to understand and fully appreciate the vital work done by our JPs. JPs provide a free service which is necessary for the functioning of any community, and they often do so with limited resources, being available at all hours (sometimes from their own home), and on many occasions without thanks. 


It was great to be able to catch up and chat about what the association needs going forwards. Hopefully that laptop and its software can help the association continue to service the Kwinana and broader community for many years to come.


If you need to access to a JP in Kwinana, please call my electorate office on 9439 6444, or alternatively to find a JP near you head to the WA Gov website and search Justice of the Peace in your area.