Our Future is in Good Hands

Our Future is in Good Hands Main Image

01 June 2021

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Kwinana representative for the 2021 YMCA Youth Parliament Program and can happily say our future is in good hands.

The Youth Parliament Program is an Australia-wide program that provides our next generation with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, as well as engage in civics and citizenship education on matters that are of particular interest to them.

Giving young adults the chance to engage on critical issues such as climate change, multiculturalism, education, and mental health is vital if they are going to be successful in decision-making roles in these fields in the future.

Haeden Miles, the Youth Parliament representative for Kwinana (and Youth Deputy Premier) will sit on the Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Committee, aiming to pass a bill that focuses on implementing education programs within schools to teach students about Indigenous culture.

During my short meeting with Haeden, we discussed the history of Kwinana, in addition to the most pressing areas in need of intervention for the growing electorate in the immediate and long-term future. It gave me great pleasure to hear of Haeden’s passion and enthusiasm for complex policy areas, and I believe he will do a fantastic job of representing Kwinana.

The complexity and multitude of problems we face today can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly in the face of a global pandemic that has significantly altered the structure of the world as we had come to know it. However, it is often a refreshing cause for optimism to look to the future. 

I wish Haeden and all participants of the 2021 Youth Parliament Program the best of luck, and I will closely follow their progress with hope and anticipation.