New Lights Switched On for Kwinana Bowling Club

New Lights Switched On for Kwinana Bowling Club  Main Image

Sporting clubs, groups, and associations are the heart and soul of any vibrant community. 

The Kwinana Bowling Club is no exception. With a proud 60-year history, it is a pillar of the Kwinana community. 

As a part of our most recent election commitments, a McGowan Labor Government made the promise to the Kwinana Bowling Club to deliver funding for lighting infrastructure upgrades. This week, it was my pleasure to attend the club to deliver on that promise, and officially turn on the lights that would not only provide reduced energy costs but also extend playing time for members for years to come. 

A recent spike in community involvement has emphasized a need for modern facilities that can provide more events and competitions, as well as attract new members and ensure the club's sustainability in the long term. 

We have all realised the importance of community organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a long-term supporter of the Kwinana Bowling Club, it was an absolute delight to be able to deliver on this promise that will benefit the wider Kwinana community for years to come.